Rahul is a recognised leader in his field, renowned for working on major urban development projects around the globe.

He brings to Cistri more than twenty years of in-depth consulting experience in master planning, urban design and landscape architecture.

Over the course of his career Rahul has worked on major projects around the world, spanning the USA, India, China, Japan and multiple countries in Southeast Asia.

The projects include redevelopment of waterfronts, new town planning, urban infill and redevelopments, business and industrial parks, mixed use developments, airport cities, golf course and resort developments.

In addition to his consulting work Rahul speaks regularly at real estate related conferences in the region and teaches in the Master of Urban Planning program at the National University of Singapore.

Rahul’s project experience:

  • Turquoise Coast Master Plan, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia (465 sq km)
  • River of Life Master Plan and Urban Design Guidelines, Kuala Lumpur (10.7km)
  • Johor Bahru Waterfront and CBD Redevelopment, Johor Bahru, Malaysia (100 hectares)
  • Morib Beach Resort City, Morib, Malaysia (550 hectares)
  • Sungai Pendas Waterfront Master Plan, Nusajaya, Malaysia (850 hectares)
  • Gombak River Mixed Use Master Plan, Kuala Lumpur (20 hectares)
  • Sihanoukville Resort Town, Cambodia (600 hectares)
  • Vinh Dam Resort Master Plan, Phu Quoc, Vietnam (10 hectares)
  • Waterfront Reclamation Master Plan, Langkawi, Malaysia (1100 hectares)
  • Island Reclamation Master Plan, Penang, Malaysia (300 hectares)
  • Ramsar Eco Tourism Master Plan Nusajaya, Malaysia (900 hectares)
  • Chicago Harbours Study, Chicago, USA

I believe to achieve the optimum outcome for any urban planning challenge, we need to think bold, have a long-term view and enable collaboration among all the stakeholders.