Whether you’re working on the masterplan of a new region, a strategy for an entire industry or a specific shopping centre, an intimate knowledge of your market is vital to create a sustainable competitive advantage.

Cistri’s evidence-based research helps you understand all the factors that feed into your project, whatever its scale. We help clients establish rationale for project investment, support statutory approvals, forecast demand, ascertain financial and economic feasibility and enhance value for money and socio-economic impacts.

Cistri’s team of research specialists are able to combine detailed consumer research with macro trends – including demographic shifts, economic transformation and disruption – to ensure research provides holistic and comprehensive solutions.

We can show you who our customers are, what they’re thinking and where they are spending their time and money. These insights are based on in-depth analyses of demographic and psychographic data, lifestyle and leisure trends, and purchasing patterns and preferences.

Most importantly, we then apply our in-depth understanding to advise you on what all the research means and what to do next.

We are leaders in the field of shopping centre and retail research, residential positioning, product development research, and commercial office tenant needs assessments. Our retail expertise covers national and international markets and global consumer trends.

Key Techniques

Demographic forecasting | Psychographic analysis | Focus groups | Intercept surveys | Online surveys | Big data analytics | Spatial analytics