... we connect you to a better outcome every time - all backed up by real, evidence-based solutions.

Cistri is a new type of consultancy in the region; independent from any development agency, building contractor or architectural / engineering consultant; offering meaningful, holistic advice for urban development across the disciplines of economics, planning and design. Independent, evidence-based and joined-up thinking is critical to the complex urban issues facing governments, developers, investors, NGOs and communities today.

We collaborate with our clients, to deliver fresh thinking and independent advice leveraging our multi-disciplinary expertise including economics, research, urban planning and design, and transactions. Whether it’s a competitive strategy, investment decision or a policy outcome at Cistri, we connect you to a better outcome, every time – all backed up by real, evidence-based solutions.

The team is led by a seasoned cohort of directors based in Singapore, with extensive experience, supporting clients throughout Asia Pacific, Greater China, the Middle East and beyond.

Cistri is supported by our parent company, Urbis Ltd of Australia. Urbis is Australia’s preeminent adviser on cities and communities, with over 500 people located in offices across the country. Whilst Cistri and Urbis represent clients in different parts of the world, collectively we have one simple goal – to shape the cities and communities for a better future.

Our Cistri team works collaboratively with our Australian colleagues at Urbis through knowledge sharing and cross border problem solving. While we operate in different regions, we are led by a common CEO in Ben Pollack and we advocate together for good design for cities and future-focused, evidence-based outcomes for people.

We encourage you to take a look at some of the industry leading projects that Urbis has delivered across Australia.



We’ve committed to be certified carbon neutral by the end of FY23.

Modern Slavery Statement

We take our role as an ethical and responsible business seriously. The Urbis (Australia) Modern Slavery Statement commits to regularly assessing and identifying any risk that modern slavery has played a part in our supply chain, including our suppliers in Singapore and Hong Kong. You can read the Urbis (Australia) Modern Slavery Statement here

Reducing our Carbon Footprint

At Cistri, we believe shaping cities and communities for a better future includes the environment in which we live. It’s up to all of us to act now to protect and enhance our future. Therefore, in line with Urbis Australia, we’ve committed to be certified carbon neutral by the end of FY23. To achieve this, we target an initial reduction of total carbon emissions by 25% and offset unavoidable emissions.

While our plan will evolve, some of our immediate priorities include switching our energy to renewable, reducing supply chain emissions by 20%, changing travel habits to reduce flight related emissions by 30% and using staff incentives and other mechanisms to encourage alternate methods of commuting to reduce emissions by 15%.

We look forward to sharing more information around our commitment in due course. Together we will fight against climate change and secure our better future.