Cistri’s appointment as lead consultant for the business study of Orchard Road demonstrates the value of our multi-disciplinary international expertise for developing vibrant precincts.

Orchard Road has long been Singapore’s prime retail and dining destination. To inform the Singapore Government’s efforts to rejuvenate Orchard Road amidst a changing retail landscape, Cistri led a 10-member consortium to undertake a comprehensive study of issues facing Orchard Road and develop strategies to address these issues.

Our work will help shape the Orchard Road development blueprint for the next 15-20 years and this included:

  • Evaluating Orchard Road in terms of economic performance, physical appeal and place management, and benchmarking Orchard Road to other retail precincts worldwide
  • Consumer research to understand Singaporeans changing relationship with Orchard Road
  • Developing recommendations on land use, design, mobility and precinct management, and evaluating proposed strategies through cost-benefit analyses
  • Workshops and multi-level engagements with private- and public-sector stakeholder