A new township with a dual focus on active living and sports is taking shape near Ho Chi Minh City.

Cistri prepared an overall master plan for an integrated sports and residential community. Water is a key feature of the master plan as bucolic canals line the southern and eastern sides of the site. Every precinct of the development has access to water and open spaces to encourage a healthy and active lifestyle. At its core, the development will have a “car-free heart” to allow the residents and visitors to enjoy the amenities and retail and dining activities within it. This heart is connected physically and visually to the sports that will cater to both national and international formats.

The residential components are organized into several sub-precincts with diverse housing typologies to attract different income levels to the area. Community facilities (such as schools and libraries) are dispersed throughout the development and are located within short walking distances to these residences.

The development will set a new benchmark in Vietnam for seamlessly integrating sports and community living