Cistri’s work with Monash in Indonesia showcases our knowledge of one of Asia’s most dynamic markets, the opportunities within them, and how to navigate them successfully.

Indonesia presents an attractive higher education market that is starting to open up to foreign operators. Monash University is looking to leverage this opportunity through a new campus in Indonesia, which will train future generations of professionals in areas like science and technology.

Cistri is assisting Monash University with its expansion into Indonesia. Marrying our in-house expertise in real estate economics and urban planning, we provided Monash with a contextual understanding of Jakarta, and also identified and evaluated potential campus locations and local partners.

Our recommendations are grounded in a deep and holistic understanding of various factors, including socioeconomic conditions at the macro and local levels, the quality of infrastructure and amenities for prospective students and staff. This systematic approach to site selection is key for Monash as a new market entrant.