Quality planning and design is at the core of shaping cities and communities. Cistri has in-depth expertise in strategic planning, master planning, urban design and landscape architecture.

Through this expertise, we help our clients to develop site-specific urban strategies and public realm designs that stitch cities together, optimise place performance and create destinations that live and work, inspire and reward. Our expertise can guide our clients through the statutory planning process to achieve the approvals necessary to turn their vision into reality.

Our focus is on creating high-performing, liveable places that work. We take built form, the public realm, transport infrastructure, open space and human activity, and shape them into CBDs, neighbourhoods, communities, retail precincts, town squares, campuses and centres.

Drawing on the wider and varied expertise within the Cistri team, our imaginative and intelligent design solutions balance community interests, government priorities, heritage values, the constraints of the natural terrain and existing built environments, economic imperatives, infrastructure requirements and land-use patterns.

We work across the spectrum of design: from strategic visioning to implementation. We’ve worked on every kind of urban project: master plans, urban design strategies, infrastructure, new communities, public realm, commercial and residential, revitalisation and renewal of cities.

Key Techniques

Site analysis and opportunity assessment | Site capacity and feasibility studies | Visioning and project positioning | Regional planning | Structure, precinct, open space and master planning | Urban renewal and revitalisation strategies | Implementation strategies, design guidelines and style manuals | Visual assessment and urban context reports | Landscape design, development and construction documentation | Stakeholder consultation and negotiation


质量规划设计是塑造城市和社区的核心。Cistri 在策略规划、总体规划、城市设计和景观建筑方面具有深入的专业知识。

凭借这些专门知识, 我们帮助客户制定针对特定地点的城市策略和公共领域的设计, 将城市链接在一起, 优化地方特色, 创造融合了生活,工作、引发灵感和满足感的目的地。我们的专业知识可以指导客户通过法定的规划过程,获得必要的审批,使他们的愿景变为现实。

我们关注创造高效且宜居的工作场所。我们将建筑形式, 公共领域, 运输基础设施, 开放空间和人类活动-融合到中央商业区( CBD), 邻近地区, 社区, 零售区, 城镇广场, 校园和中心。

凭借 Cistri 团队广泛多样的专业知识, 我们充满想象力和智慧的设计解决方案,社区利益、政府优先事宜、遗产价值、自然地形的限制与现有的建筑环境,经济需求、基础设施要求和土地使用模式等状况得到了平衡。


  • 场地分析和机会评估
  • 场地容量和可行性研究
  • 愿景和项目定位
  • 区域规划
  • 结构、区域、露天场所和总体计划
  • 市区重建及重整策略
  • 法定规划及审批申请
  • 策略应用、设计指南和风格手册
  • 视觉评估和城市环境报告
  • 景观设计、开发和施工文件
  • 利益相关者意见征求和协商
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Planning & Design
Planning & Design
Planning & Design