Cities, like economies, do not stand still. Politics, social preferences, economic and technological developments are just some of the factors that are constantly evolving and adapting.

Our clients, including public authorities and agencies, public-private partnerships and development consortia, need to plan ahead to facilitate and manage urban development, but are often faced with limited resources and potentially conflicting objectives.

We work with clients to help them achieve their goals, including:

  • Visioning and positioning of regions and cities for long term economic development
  • Identifying opportunities and focus for new development areas
  • Optimising existing assets and resources to enhance comparative advantage and improve competitiveness
  • Masterplanning alternative development scenarios and opportunities
  • Creating incentives and mechanisms to achieve value for money
  • Steering development opportunities through the planning framework
  • Creating high quality sustainable design solutions

城市, 像经济一样, 不会停滞不前。政治,社会偏好,经济和技术发展只是其不断演变和适应的一部分因素。

我们的客户, 包括公共当局和机构、公私合作伙伴和发展联营企业, 需要提前规划以促进和管理城市发展, 但往往面临着有限的资源并潜在地与目标冲突。

我们与客户合作, 帮助他们实现自己的目标, 包括:

  • 以长期经济发展的角度愿景和定位区域和城市
  • 发现新机遇并关注新发展领域
  • 优化现有资产和资源, 提高比较优势, 提高竞争力
  • 总体规划替代性的发展和机会
  • 创造鼓励和机制以实现经济价值
  • 通过规划框架指导发展机会
  • 创造高质量可持续的设计方案
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