Everything we do is about people, places and communities, hence governments turn to us for research, evaluation and advice across all sectors.

We advise governments and government agencies on urban development policy issues, initiatives and planning, across all industries, including health, housing, land use, education, environment, employment, and transport.

We have the resources and the depth of expertise to manage the detailed, comprehensive social and environmental studies governments require. We understand the dynamics of the public sector and the scrutiny policymakers are under to deliver results that make a difference in real time and on budget.

Though we partner with government clients, they value our advice for its independence, insight, probity and practicality. We help our public sector clients with market research and literature reviews, policy and programme reviews, social research and community engagement, impact assessments, feasibility studies, economic assessments, media strategies, project management, and design, planning and heritage advice.

Our expertise guides government decision-making and helps the public sector realise improved outcomes for all of us.


我们所做的一切都是关注于人、地方和社区, 因此政府会向我们寻求各个领域的研究,评估和建议。


我们有资源和深入的专业知识, 以进行政府要求的详细的、全面的社会和环境研究。我们理解公共部门和政策决策者在现实和预算方面工作原理都是基于带来变化。

尽管我们与政府客户合作, 但他们对我们独立的、有见解的、真实和实用的建议十分重视。我们帮助公共部门客户提供市场调研和文献评论,政策和项目审查,社会研究和社区参与,影响评估,可行性研究,经济评估,媒体策略,项目管理设计, 规划和遗产建议。

我们的专长指导政府决策, 帮助公共部门更努力和更有效地为我们大家服务。


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Policy & Governance
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