We look at our clients’ projects from every angle to help them realise their vision and get the best business outcomes.

We advise vendors, purchasers, and developers on projects small and large. By providing clarity of thought and pooling our know-how to focus on your needs, we help you understand your assets and markets, identify risks and opportunities and make well-informed decisions – to buy or sell, to rent or buy, to invest or diversify – at the right time in the right place, guiding you through the process every step of the way.

Our knowledge of real estate has been built over the last 50 years as we have worked with our clients to define and shape value. From major shopping centres to employment hubs and residential communities to tourism assets, we understand the key value drivers and how they can be enhanced to optimise your position.

Key Techniques

Highest and best use analysis scenario | Negotiate and advise on lease agreements | Portfolio review and optimisation | Corporate advisory | Project coordination and management services | Valuation | Rating and taxation


我们从各个角度审视客户的项目, 以帮助他们实现愿景, 获得最佳的业务成果。

我们向供应商, 采购商和开发商提供建议,无论大小项目。通过提供清晰的思路,重点关注如何满足您的需求, 我们帮助您了解您的资产和市场, 识别风险和机会, 并做出明智的决定—购买或者出售, 出租或者购买, 投资或者多样化,在合适的时间,在合适的地点, 引导您了解过程中的每一步。

在过去的50年里, 随着不断与客户进行合作,定义和塑造价值,我们的房地产知识日益深厚。 从大型的购物中心到就业中心,住宅社区到旅游资产, 我们了解关键的价值驱动因素, 以及如何增强这些因素以优化您的处境。


最高和最佳使用分析方案 |就租赁协议进行商议和建议 |投资组合复查与优化 |企业咨询 |项目协调和管理服务 |估价 |评级和税务