We help clients develop, expand and improve the performance of all forms of retail globally, be it a shopping centre, town centre, dining and entertainment precinct or retailer network.

Because of our experience and multidisciplinary know-how, we are who the industry turns to for guidance – for research, analysis, advice and development strategies.

Our work in the retail sector draws on our expertise across the board but is underpinned by our research and retail economics capability. We know the sector and its drivers better than anyone. We track the changing market forces and consumer trends and we understand demographics and global trends.

We can assist at all stages of the retail development cycle, from new market entry to master-planing, scheme development, asset performance management and enhancement, and redevelopment schemes.

Mixed Use

With our expertise in everything to do with cities and how people want to use them, Cistri is perfectly placed to guide our clients through the challenges of this new era in urban development.

We know what makes mixed-use projects work. We can help you manage risks, find synergies and successfully integrate retail, commercial, leisure and residential elements.

Our multidisciplinary approach is well-adapted to the multiple layers of mixed-use developments. Our planning and design experts can make a coherent place out of the many mixed-use parts. Our economists and researchers can help you read and reach your customers and stay ahead of your competitor.


Cistri’s residential expertise and experience extends across the whole residential sector. We help clients in the public and private sectors conceptualise, plan and develop:

  • new community developments
  • public housing
  • retirement living
  • student accommodation
  • high, medium and low-density housing
  • build to rent/family household sector

Our understanding of policy settings and priorities in the sector – for example: housing affordability, urban renewal, mixed-use development, sustainability, diversity, and heritage and conservation values – informs our advice to private sector developers, and helps them manage risk and achieve commercial returns while meeting their social and environmental obligations.


Our broad and deep understanding of property markets extends to the various forms of commercial development that make up our cities. Whether it be an office tower in China, or a shop-office development in Singapore, Cistri understands the conditions that optimise commercial development.

Our expertise is particularly sought when mixing commercial development with other land uses, answering questions like:

  • What is the optimal provision of commercial space?
  • What are the financial implications of the commercial development?
  • What is the appropriate target market for commercial development?
  • What non-commercial elements will optimise the performance of the commercial component?

We can help you think through the fundamentals of commercial property, and follow this through with creative planning and design input, ensuring the best possible outcome for your project, big or small.

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