We help clients develop, expand and improve the performance of all forms of retail globally, be it a shopping centre, town centre, dining and entertainment precinct or retailer network.

Because of our experience and multidisciplinary know-how, we are who the industry turns to for guidance – for research, analysis, advice and development strategies.

Our work in the retail sector draws on our expertise across the board but is underpinned by our research and retail economics capability. We know the sector and its drivers better than anyone. We track the changing market forces and consumer trends and we understand demographics and global trends.

We can assist at all stages of the retail development cycle, from new market entry to master-planing, scheme development, asset performance management and enhancement, and redevelopment schemes.

Mixed Use

With our expertise in everything to do with cities and how people want to use them, Cistri is perfectly placed to guide our clients through the challenges of this new era in urban development.

We know what makes mixed-use projects work. We can help you manage risks, find synergies and successfully integrate retail, commercial, leisure and residential elements.

Our multidisciplinary approach is well-adapted to the multiple layers of mixed-use developments. Our planning and design experts can make a coherent place out of the many mixed-use parts. Our economists and researchers can help you read and reach your customers and stay ahead of your competitor.


Cistri’s residential expertise and experience extends across the whole residential sector. We help clients in the public and private sectors conceptualise, plan and develop:

  • new community developments
  • public housing
  • retirement living
  • student accommodation
  • high, medium and low-density housing
  • build to rent/family household sector

Our understanding of policy settings and priorities in the sector – for example: housing affordability, urban renewal, mixed-use development, sustainability, diversity, and heritage and conservation values – informs our advice to private sector developers, and helps them manage risk and achieve commercial returns while meeting their social and environmental obligations.


Our broad and deep understanding of property markets extends to the various forms of commercial development that make up our cities. Whether it be an office tower in China, or a shop-office development in Singapore, Cistri understands the conditions that optimise commercial development.

Our expertise is particularly sought when mixing commercial development with other land uses, answering questions like:

  • What is the optimal provision of commercial space?
  • What are the financial implications of the commercial development?
  • What is the appropriate target market for commercial development?
  • What non-commercial elements will optimise the performance of the commercial component?

We can help you think through the fundamentals of commercial property, and follow this through with creative planning and design input, ensuring the best possible outcome for your project, big or small.



我们 帮助客户开发, 扩大和改善全球所有形式的零售表现, 比如购物中心, 城镇中心, 餐饮和娱乐区或网络零售商。

基于我们的经验和多学科的专业知识, 我们是行业寻求指导的地方—我们的指导用于研究、分析、咨询和发展策略。

我们的研究和零售经济能力支持我们的业务全面覆盖零售业领域。我们比任何人都更了解这个领域和它的驱动因素。我们追踪不断变化的市场力量和消费趋势, 我们了解人口统计学和全球趋势。

Cistri 可以协助零售发展周期的各个阶段, 从进入新的市场, 到总体规划, 方案开发, 资产绩效管理和增强, 以及重建计划。


凭借我们在与城市相关方面和人们如何利用城市的专业知识, Cistri 是指导我们的客户在这一城市发展新时代中解决挑战的最佳选择。

我们了解混合使用项目的工作原理。我们可以帮助您管理风险, 找到协同作用, 成功地整合零售、商业、休闲和住宅元素。

我们的多专业方解决方法很好地适用于多层次,混合使用的发展。我们的规划和设计专家可以从繁多混合使用组成中找到合理的位置。我们的经济学家和研究人员可以帮助您了解和接触客户, 并让您保持领先于您的竞争对手的位置。



  • 新社区发展
  • 公共房屋
  • 退休生活住宅
  • 学生住宿
  • 高、中、低密度住宅
  • 租住型住宅/家庭部分。

我们了解以下方面的政策设置和优先事项,例如: 住房负担能力、城市更新、混合使用发展、可持续性、多样性、遗产和保护价值 —向私营部門开发商提供咨询意见,帮助他们管理风险,实现商业回报, 同时履行其社会和环境义务。


我们对房地产市场广泛和深入的理解延伸到构成我们城市的多种商业发展中。 无论是中国的办公大楼, 还是新加坡的店面和办公室混合建筑, Cistri 都了解优化商业发展的条件。

关于商业发展与其它土地如何混合使用的建议是我们所提供服务的一大重点, 我们可以回答如下问题:

  • 商业空间最佳提供的是什么?
  • 商业发展的财务影响是什么?
  • 商业发展适当的目标市场是什么?
  • 哪些非商业要素将优化商业组成的性能?


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