With a robust foundation in research methodologies, Sabrina adeptly utilises data analytics and visualisation techniques to elucidate trends within the real estate market, thereby facilitating informed decision-making strategies.

Drawing upon her expertise in both quantitative and qualitative real estate research, Sabrina excels in analysing market economic trends to extract valuable insights.

Before joining Cistri, Sabrina served as a researcher at the Institute of Real Estate and Urban Studies (IREUS) within the National University of Singapore (NUS). During her tenure, she focused on researching the real estate capital markets, notably contributing through case studies on China real estate investment trusts and authoring a paper on the ‘Pricing of Corporate Green Bonds’.

Some of Sabrina’s project experience includes:

  • Conducted data-driven research on the performance of China real estate investment trusts (REITs).

  • Analysed the ESG financing market and was responsible for the data collection, cleaning and empirical analysis. ​

  • Property valuation management: Reviewed the yearly and quarterly property valuation of assets in private real estate funds.