In Progress

Shaping cities and communities

Cistri connects the brightest people to shape cities and communities for a better future.

Cistri represents a new type of consultancy applying its independence and multi-disciplinary advice to some of the most complex and nuanced urban issues facing governments, developers, investors, NGOs and communities in the region. We act for clients who are making the places we live in and reshaping the way we live.

Cistri代表了一种新型的咨询服务, 将应用于针对其地区所在的政府,开发商,投资者,非政府组织和社区最复杂和最微妙的城市问题提供独特的和多学科的建议。我们为那些正在创造我们居住的地方和重塑我们的生活方式的客户提供服务。