Riyadh required a bold new governance strategy to kickstart it’s new innovation incubator, MiSK City.

Client Challenge: An ambitious 350ha master plan was prepared for the City in 2019 to develop a destination where art and design creativity are enabled by technology. Misk City required a distinctive and rigorous District Activation and Destination Strategy that would enable the Masterplan’s goals and create the blueprint for its implementation.

What We Did: Future State led a complex stakeholder engagement and co-design process to derive the project mission, purpose and vision; undertaking detailed strategic and analytical work to evaluate the project’s global and local competitive context. Our team led a top-down and bottom-up economic analysis to identify and prioritise industry sectors. Leveraging strategic assets and organisational capabilities, identified sector value-chain and skills development priorities, and forming an implementation plan. The plan included a place-based activation strategy, governance and operational framework to support the project’s launch and growth phases. 

Our Impact: The strategy is the touchstone for delivering Misk City. It will support its positioning as a well-loved and distinctive local place, as well as a vibrant global destination.

Albert Speer and Partners (AS+P) on behalf of Misk City.