Nathan is a leader in strategic advisory, integrated research, and economic appraisal. He has over 15 years of experience advising on city and precinct strategy, infrastructure and property development and has worked on transformational major projects and precinct-scale developments.

Nathan is highly experienced at leading and managing multidisciplinary major project teams for high-performing private and public sector organisations. He is an expert stakeholder engagement practitioner and has been a trusted adviser at the highest level of the Victorian State Government and the Australian Government. His knowledge is actively sought through internal and external channels, including as Chair of the Property Council of Australia’s Precincts and Infrastructure Subcommittee and as a member and adviser to Urbis’ Macro-Economic Forecasting Group.

With a deep understanding and passion for cities, transport, economic and sustainable development outcomes, Nathan offers projects a holistic and strategic perspective that is combined with applied experience in economic modelling and statistical analysis.

These capabilities have been used to lead inputs for project business cases, develop precinct masterplans, evaluate policy and regulatory impacts, understand key trends and market dynamics, and inform investment strategies.


  • Led Suburban Rail Loop strategic assessment for Latrobe University Masterplan
  • Lead analyst on Westgate Tunnel Strategic Planning Assessment for EES Hearing
  • Led numerous studies for DEDJTR on Fishermans Bend NEIC including Business and Industry Audit and Innovation Precinct Gap Analysis
  • Led review into Melbourne CBD Commercial Office Market for joint Victorian Government and Industry Taskforce
  • Led Review of Planning Processes for State Significant Projects for DPC
  • Lead analyst and project manager on Central Melbourne Floorspace Demand and Capacity Assessment for DEDJTR
  • Lead analyst and project manager for station precinct development and land use impact assessment for Melbourne Metro Rail Business Case

It’s energising to be at the forefront of how cities are planned and built, especially how they will impact the lives of future generations.