Tomorrow’s bold, vibrant and thriving cities require us to think in a new way. With imagination. Creativity. Fearlessness.

Future State is that way of thinking. Drawing together visionary strategists, planners, storytellers, advocates and leaders, we’re the movement bringing fresh ideas to our most complex urban challenges.

Taking an optimistic view on cities

At a time when cities are growing faster than ever before, the thinking behind them has stagnated. That gives us an opportunity to stand out for innovative and creative long term planning – reversing the conservatism, risk adversity and mediocrity that has embedded itself in our planning.

Unlocking urban potential

We’re partnering with business, government and communities to co-create the cities of the future.

And this is not a dream – it’s something we’re already doing. From developing strategies to rejuvenate Singapore’s urban centres, to crafting cutting edge precincts in Silicon Valley and reconfiguring the urban economics of Germany’s regional towns. Our global expertise makes us fluent in the issues that influence the growth, prosperity and productivity of our cities.

With more than 60 years of experience accumulated across sectors and geographies, our aim is to spark real change from the ground up and from the top down. Powered by our parent company, Urbis Australia – we’re a compact, experienced and highly specialised team connected by a belief in better, bolder cities and communities.

How we work

Our clients need to make bold decisions with precision, confidence and purpose. We provide the catalyst for out-of-the-box thinking, working alongside our clients from a blank page through to fully formed advice. In our world it’s not always about finding the answer. Instead, we draw together the people and ideas needed to lay the groundwork for real change.

Bold, visionary thinking

Across Future State, we have a deep love for cities, and the communities which thrive within them. When we combine that dedication with bold, focussed, purposeful and optimistic thinking, we’re able to empower, energise, agitate, and inspire our clients, people and country.

Because only when we change the way we think about our future, can we truly begin to create it.

Future State
Future State