27 Nov 2019
Today, countries across the globe, are faced with a myriad of economic and social challenges, notably, a growing trust deficit. There is a rising recognition that businesses play a critical role in this process – a concept coined as the ‘Business of Trust’.

And today, the emphasis on ‘trust’ is timely, with the inaugural Asia-Commonwealth Business Summit being held in Singapore. The Summit will bring together like-minded C-Suite Leaders across the Commonwealth countries, to champion the importance of having ‘Business of Trust’ and C.I.V.I.C principles.

We are delighted to announce, #cityshaper Peter Hyland will be representing Cistri at the Summit, drawing on the process and challenges of a business built on trust and integrity in Asia and how this compares to the business landscape in Australia.

Developing policies to define appropriate operational and relationship building procedures that are ethical and transparent is paramount for companies to survive and thrive – paving the way with how Cistri operates today.

There will be prominent speakers from 14 countries, sharing invaluable insights and business opportunities with all delegates.