Gareth utilises data analytics and his experience in urban policy and property management to assess the potential of large developments.

Before joining Cistri, Gareth was working in the public service sector in Singapore, conducting socio-behavioural studies on urban mobility and liveability as well as developing research and policy solutions for complex urban challenges in the infrastructure and environment sector in Singapore.

Prior to that, he was working in the integrated building facilities sector, focusing on space planning and maintenance projects in a hospital.

Building for people transforms functional spaces into meaningful places.

Project experience: 

  • Background socio-demographic study in Bedok precinct for the URA Long Term Planning Review.
  • Sustainable mobility and community engagement roadmap for the Land Transport Master Plan 2040 
  • Socio-behavioural mobility Pre-and Post- COVID-19 study
  • Editorial team for the CLC Urban Solutions #20: The Science of Cities