23 May 2023
Cistri believes evaluating real estate investments should go beyond sales and instead consider other important geographic and socio-economic factors.

Based on our international experience, accessibility has consistently stood out as an important factor impacting the success of a business. Property in Singapore is no exception. As Singapore moves towards further improving connectivity, it is imperative that asset owners understand the impact on their assets and means to enhance or mitigate them.

In the spirit of the ULI Asia Pacific summit and the field trip tours delegates will be embarking on, Cistri has produced an analysis on the Thomson East Coast Line (TEL) and the impact it has had so far on both ridership and footfall. We also provide an in-depth analysis through our Human Movement Data (HMD) on the impact the line has had on retail assets like Great World City which have previously suffered from a lack of accessibility.

To access a pdf copy of the slides, please click here to download.

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