2 Jul 2018

Join us in September as we undertake a retail study tour to the USA and Canada.

Retail is being redefined by globalisation, urbanisation, social trends and technology disruptors. Around the world, we are seeing the traditional definition of retail evolve from shopping destinations to entertainment and lifestyle precincts. Ian Shimmin, internationally renowned retail Director of Urbis Australia – Cistri’s parent company, will later this year embark on our 2018 Cistri International Retail Study Tour to investigate the mega trends in retail and tour some of North America’s most exciting retail-related destinations and game-changers.

Successful malls are no longer about stuff to buy but stuff to do

Michael Glimcher
  • technology – robotics, AI, smart tech, data-mapping are all impacting on retail and the way that we understand, engage with and track the consumer and their behaviour.
  • digital connectivity – people are connected 24/7 to everyone and everything which presents both opportunities and threats for in-store and online retail. 
  • health and well-being – consumers are spending on their health and well-being and they increasingly link health-related appointments and outings with retail spending.
  • density and housing affordability – more compact housing options are driving the need for retail precincts to act as the consumers’ ‘lounge room,’ providing a place to relax, recharge, socialise and be entertained.
  • experiences – consumers are looking for new and exciting experiences and are willing to pay for unique service offerings such as beauty services, education, and learning services.
  • more conscious consumption – consumers are becoming more savvy and selective when it comes to the environmental impact of retail and services and are responding to green initiatives and processes. Social awareness is also affecting consumer behaviour and sentiment toward certain retail brands and practices.

So, what does this look like in the retail mix?

Consumers are showing a preference for a new mix of services and experiences as part of a holistic retail offering, including:

  • Social, community and entertainment– Community garden/space, cinemas, live performance, library, childcare
  • Healthy body and mind – Fresh food/farmers markets, medical services, gym/fitness classes, enrichment/education classes
  • Complementary uses– Office/work spaces, residential apartments 

The right tenancy mix will drive footfall, increase consumer lifespans, increase consumer journeys and bring the consumers back.

Wednesday 5 September – Monday 17 September 2018

This year’s Cistri tour will be an experience not to be missed. We will focus on the trends and innovations that are signals for the future of retail property in Australia.

Unique, jam-packed and highly educational – the tour would also be an appropriate part of your reward and recognition program.

We have comprehensively planned the tour to benefit you. We’ll provide educational material and open doors so you can hear first-hand from the key people on the ground.

If you have a special area of interest let us know and we’ll endeavour to reach out to those who will help you the most.

The Cistri tour promises to be highly collaborative, with daily ‘wisdom of the group’ sessions so that everyone benefits from the perspectives of others. We hope for ultimate diversity on our tours, so please consider professionals from all disciplines.

For more details, contact Ian Shimmin, retail Director
of Urbis Australia – Cistri’s parent company, or view the full Cistri Retail Study Tour Brochure.

Click below to hear from some of our past attendees…

“It was one of the most insightful, rewarding professional experiences”

“The dynamics from the professional diversity of the group heightened the learning and interest”

“The tour was well thought out, and well organised”

“The shopping centres visited were relevant to the road map of current and future shopping centre trends”