... we connect you to a better outcome every time - all backed up by real, evidence-based solutions.

Cistri is a new type of consultancy in the region; independent from any development agency, building contractor or architectural / engineering consultant; offering meaningful, holistic advice for urban development across the disciplines of economics, planning and design. Independent, evidence-based and joined-up thinking is critical to the complex urban issues facing governments, developers, investors, NGOs and communities today.

We collaborate with our clients, to deliver fresh thinking and independent advice leveraging our multi-disciplinary expertise including economics, research, urban planning and design, and transactions. Whether it’s a competitive strategy, investment decision or a policy outcome at Cistri, we connect you to a better outcome, every time – all backed up by real, evidence-based solutions.

Cistri代表了一种新型的咨询服务, 将应用于针对其地区所在的政府,开发商,投资者,非政府组织和社区最复杂和最微妙的城市问题提供独特的和多学科的建议。


The team is led by a seasoned cohort of directors based in Hong Kong and Singapore, with extensive experience, supporting clients throughout Asia Pacific, the Middle East and beyond.

Cistri is supported by its parent company, Urbis Australia – Australia’s preeminent adviser on cities and communities, with over 500 people located in offices across the country. Whilst Cistri and Urbis Australia represent clients in different parts of the world, collectively we have one simple goal – to shape the cities and communities for a better future.


Cistri由其母公司Urbis澳大利亚—澳大利亚优秀的城市和社区咨询公司提供支持。 Urbis澳大利亚办公分点遍布澳洲,拥有超过500名员工。尽管Cistri和Urbis 澳大利亚的客户来自世界不同的地区,但是我们都拥有同一个清晰的目标,为城市和社区塑造一个更加美好的未来。