By Fiona Waters | 9 Dec 2018

Our Cistri #cityshaper team recently collaborated with Deloitte to deliver an independent research report for ‘Drink Without Waste’.

Drink Without Waste is an initiative led by the Single-Use Beverage Packaging (SUBP) Working Group which brings together people from diverse backgrounds to tackle the issue of waste from beverage consumption in Hong Kong.

The project was launched to the media on Thursday and has been met with much interest across Hong Kong.

Below are a selection of articles arising from the media launch that unpack some of the key issues from the report and explore the local sentiment towards the recommendations.

Major Hong Kong drinks manufacturers join forces with green groups for initiative aimed at increasing city’s dismal recycling rate – South China Morning Post

港人年棄17億飲品容器 料2030年增至20億 團體冀7年後回收九成 – HK01

飲品業界倡推現金回贈 冀提升膠樽及紙包飲品回收率 – TVB News


For more information on this significant body of research undertaken in partnership with Deloitte, please contact Fiona Waters, Regional Director – Greater China, for more information or read more about our services here.

To read the full report, click here.