Mathan is a consultant specialising in Property Economics. Mathan joined Cistri in 2016 and is the first employee to join the newly established entity in Singapore.

Mathan’s area of expertise covers retail, mixed use Developments and conservation shophouses. He developed a proficiency in using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to combine geospatial and real estate data to provide clear and detailed analysis to complex problems.

As a former Graduate Trainee and Capital Markets analyst in JLL, Mathan also possesses strong fundamentals in studying real estate markets across Asia Pacific and providing key insights and projections in the development of retail and mixed-use developments.

With a strong belief to give back to the community, Mathan is part of the Executive Committee in the Young Leaders Group and is an active member of the Department of Real Estate’s alumni activities in the National University of Singapore.

My pursuit to understand the symbiotic relationship between people and the urban landscapes across different cities and regions drives me.