Fiona is a Cambridge economist with a wealth of economic consulting experience, covering more than 20 years and 20 countries.  Fiona has provided  consulting advice to both public and private sector clients, applying economics to land development, strategic planning, property and infrastructure investment.

Fiona has led major consultancy consortia and has a strong track record in delivering major strategic studies and development projects. She is currently advising government, statutory bodies and private clients on issues such as land supply, industry growth strategies and property investment and has recently begun teaching a course on economics for urban design at Hong Kong University.

Fiona’s economic expertise covers all aspects of land and the built environment.  Her work focuses on economic and financial planning, forecasting and analysis, providing strategic economic advice, forecasts of performance and estimated returns, institutional assessment, Public Private Partnerships (PPP), and project evaluation.

She is highly regarded for her insight and creativity in turning complex financial and economic issues into pragmatic objectives and actions, and inspiring others to think outside the box.